About to Launch!

Very excited at the fact that we are about to launch our petition site! For those of you who have stuck with me over the years, you remember and hopefully still use all my Youtube How-To videos. You will also remember my web show, Operation Mustang, which got some great attention. We’re hoping that, with your help (signatures) that we can prove to the “big guys” that a classic Mustang restoration show IS in demand and WOULD be watched. Please sign our petition. Please share it to your Facebook friends and tell your Mustang Club about what we are doing. Together we can put a GOOD classic car reality show on the air. – the Doc

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  • Joe

    I went to Chris’s shop to show him and discuss my 67 mustang. I met Chris and he is as real and down to earth in person as in his videos. All the luck Chris. I hope you get your show and I AM going to get you guys to paint my vert as soon as I can.


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