A Classic Ford that Runs on Hydrogen
With fuel prices up and down over the years, there became a time were I felt that there HAD to be a way to offset some of that fuel cost. Answer? Take a Mustang and install a unit which utilizes hydrogen to increase gas mileage. Take a look at the video and have some fun yourself!  My Youtube Channel.
A CONCEPT SHOW PILOT – The One that Drove Away
We have a great day each and every day, as there is always something new going on. The creativity over here sparked ideas for shows, one of them being the above concept of which we shot a pilot for. Find that long lost car, restore it and present it back to the original owner!  My Youtube Channel.
The Doc’s Right Hand Drive Mustang
I’m International! 😉  Ever since the first Mustang I converted to Right Hand Drive, and posted to my YouTube channel, I have received a few more from overseas, for the same operation. Come with me for a test drive in one of those most recent conversions.  My Youtube Channel.
Judging and Appraising at Mustang Show
One of the most rewarding parts of what I do, is being asked to judge some of the country’s most exciting classic car shows. Combined that with my Appraisal services and the shop itself, I am kept hopping.. but, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  My Youtube Channel.
Inventor of the TankTop
The TankTop is the latest innovation by “the Doc” to continue keeping these fantastic cars safe for everyone. The Tank Top lays easily over the existing gas tank providing it with not only a new looking exterior, but giving it protection from most common trunk hazards. Go to the TankTop site here.
Converting a Coupe to a Convertible
We get into some fantastic projects over here, but one of the most cool ones has to be taking a coupe and transforming it into an awesome convertible. Watch this video and see whats involved in this exciting project!  My Youtube Channel.
Contributor to National Media
One of the benefits of bringing these classic Mustangs back to life for nearly 40 years, is the huge amount of knowledge I am able to share. I have been lucky enough to be able to write for some of the industry’s largest publications. I love my job. My Youtube Channel.



Below you will find just a few of the Doc’s How-To videos which have taken the Internet by storm. These videos enjoy over 2,700,000 views, so he MUST be catching on. Take a look for yourself and see why Chris is called “the Doc”.
Properly Align your Hood & Trunk “How to buy a classic Mustang”



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